Thursday, May 19, 2011


On our way to Disney....

Stopped off in Savannah for some fun!  Here we were going to play in the water!
The boys loved running through the water in Savannah!
The boys playing in rocks that look like Mickey while we were waiting for the shuttle to
Magic Kingdom. 
Preston and pluto!
Daddy and Preston playing the Buzz Lightyear shooting game while riding!

Preston and Ethan riding something, but I can't rememer what ride it was.  Ethan loved to ride anything he could.  He kept saying "more, more" when he would see a ride and Preston isn't afraid of anything.  The only thing that stopped him from riding a ride was if he wasn't tall enough!

Hanging out at the pool.....
Ethan drinking some of Preston's drink from a restaurant in Downtown Disney (it was called T-Rex and it was so cool.  The dinosaurs "came alive" every 15 minutes).

Preston with a dinosaur and also look at his Pluto hat (can't believe he wanted this and actually wore it, but he has a friend that has one so I guess that's why : )

Can't flip the picture but its a dragon made of legos....It was so cool!
Preston and Buzz!
The boys with a painted mickey mouse!
Ethan playing air hockey at our hotel!

We had a great time in Disney, but there is so much to do there!  We also went to Sea World (those pics later : ).  We spent 12 hours at the Magic Kingdom (thanks to me) because I wanted to get it all in while we were there.  Everyone was so tired by 10pm and the next day, but we enjoyed it!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Belated Easter!

Here are a few pictures from Easter!

 Preston went swimming in the lake!
 And Ethan watched from the pier!
 We also went strawberry picking a few weeks ago.  It was something that none of us had ever done.  It was fun, but we picked so many strawberries we didn't even eat them all! 

Me and my little boys : ) 
 Ethan, not sure what to do with the strawberry, but by the end of the morning he was picking them and putting them in the bucket too!

Well, we are off to DISNEY for a surprise trip (Preston doesn't know), so it should be lots of fun! 
I will post pictures from our trip later!