Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day at the Beach......

On Saturday we decided to take a "day" trip (day being the key word : ) to Wilmington.  Living so close to the beach we didn't take advantage of this last year, but even after this trip, we fully intend to incorporate more trips to the beach this spring and summer!  We had so much fun as a family!  We started out downtown where we walked around, did some geocaching (if you don't know what this is...look it up, its fun!), and ate breakfast at this fun little restaurant called Dixie Grill (also eating at this grill was some of the cast from One Tree Hill that is filmed in Wilmington, so that was fun to see them), ate lunch somewhere fun too (can't remember the name), shopped around a little, and got ice cream too!

 Just the four of us!
 Ethan and Mommy : )
 Ethan helping Daddy put money in the parking meter!
 Preston found a dog, bigger than he was!  He wasn't scared a bit, he kept going back to pet it.
 Preston and Ethan on the river!
 Preston hanging upside down on the battleship.
 All of us on the anchor of the ship!
 Finally, some time to put our toes in the sand.... (and of course our mouth, Ethan)
 Daddy and Preston looking for seashells.....
Ethan, playing in the sand (and yes, eating some too)!

So, needless to say, we had a great time....
until this point.  And then,
It was getting late and we were all hungry and tired.  We headed to the car to go home and when we got to the car Tim looks at me and asks if I had the keys, I said "no, you have them".  Well, neither of us placed blame, but I am certain I gave them to him because I had the baby and the bottle and no room for keys, but anyway..... : ) (like I said, no blame)
We went back to the beach and found Ethan's bottle, but no keys. We were running out of daylight so we looked for a while and then decided to figure out what to do without keys.  To make a LONG story short, we got a hotel room, took a taxi to rent a car, Tim drove back home to get the keys while the kids and I stayed in the hotel (with no pj's, $20 dollars for dinner and whatever else we needed because Tim needed the debit card for his road trip back home, no crib for Ethan, etc).  Basically, we had a bed and had to wait until Tim got back in the morning with the key to our car. 
But finally about 9 a.m. or so, Tim got back with the key and breakfast for us.  He rescued us!  We were probably driving him crazy on his way back because we kept calling him asking how long until he got there : )We searched the beach one more time and came up empty handed again.  We called the police, re-visited the pier, etc. and still NOTHING!

What an adventure!  Finally after checking out of the hotel, we decided it was so nice out we didn't want to leave just yet so we went back downtown, ate lunch and ice cream, and then headed back home.

Well, even after all that, we still had a good time, just a little crazy ending to our "day" trip to the beach. 

Good Times!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas and Mountian Pics

Christmas came and went so fast!  We enjoyed spending time with family and the kids got SO MUCH STUFF!  We had to come home and make numerous bags to take to goodwill, just to have enough room for all the new stuff!  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

 Ethan opening presents...I am not sure which was more fun for him, the present or the boxes and wrapping paper!  Either way he enjoyed himself!

 Ethan even enjoyed eating the paper!  We call him our goat because he loves to eat paper : )

 Me and my two little boys!  Not sure where the hubby is???  Maybe loading the car! 
What a great husband!
 Our Santa Baby!
 Christmas morning... Preston's favorite gift was his light up Puma's!  He wants to wear them everywhere and I have had so many people ask where we got them because they liked them so much!  When Preston asked for light up shoes we decided we couldn't do the Walmart ones so we went on a search for some "cool" light up shoes and Puma was definately a good buy!
 Two happy boys with lots of stuff!

And then, it was on to the mountians for New Years.......
There was lots of snow when we got there!  We went sleding, tubing, shopping, and lots more!

 Daddy and Preston

 Ethan and Preston, snow buddies!

 So stinkin' cute!
 So stinkin' cute too!

This is where Preston and Tim went tubing.  Ethan and I watched and snuggled by the fire to keep warm!

Preston is helping Ethan to make a snow angel!  Such a good big brother!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2011!  I can't promise the frequency of my blogging : ), but I will try to update with pictures occasionally!