Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't take the girl!

Everyone must remember that song by Tim McGraw sometime back..... I remember when I was younger I loved that song, never really taking the words with a whole lot of meaning back then.  Well, we had our first "Don't take the girl" moment the other night.  We were taking Preston to the pool in our neighborhood to meet our neighbor, Corey.  If you haven't heard Preston talk about Corey, chances are sometime you will.  Corey is Preston's "best friend" and lives across the street.  Everyday Preston lives to play with Corey and doesn't want to go anywhere so that he doesn't miss time he could play with Corey.  Well, back to my story..... As we were driving to the pool a neighbor beside us, Aubrey, was riding her bike and we stopped to talk to she and her mom.  We asked Preston if we should invite her to the pool and he quickly answered, "no", I am playing with Corey.  We felt bad because her mom was working outside and Aubrey was playing by herself so we invited her to the pool with us!  While she is getting ready, Preston quickly says, well she isn't going to have anyone to play with because I am playing with Corey....I guess she can play with you and Ethan.  Needless to say Aubrey played with Tim, Ethan, and I while Preston played with Corey.  It all worked out.  Preston has several friends in our neighborhood that are girls, but given the choice, he always chooses the boys!  There will come a time when this all changes, but I guess for now we should enjoy our "Don't take the girl" boy! : )

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beach Photos!

Right after Disney we went home for a few days, nursed Ethan back to health (of course one child has to get sick on vacation) and then off to the beach we went!  The four of us at the pool!

 Sweet Ethan wrapped in a towel!
 My little boys, playing in the sand!
 Ethan relaxing in my beach chair!
 Preston digging in the sand!
 Two boys wishing they could be down at the beach!
 Me and my boys!
 We stopped at the ice cream shop!

 Our silly Ethan! 

Hope everyone is having a great summer!