Sunday, February 26, 2012


For some reason, this blog hates me right now!  Anyway, here are a few pictures from Ethan's birthday party this weekend!  I can't believe that he turns 2 tomorrow!  He has grown up so fast!  He is so fun, sweet, and full of life (not to mention difficult at times too : )!  This party I let my creative juices flow (I don't have many, but they all came out when we decided on a "Snowman Party".  I will try to post more pics after this.  I can't even explain each picture, but basically we had fake snow everywhere we could (on our door to the back, in the playroom so the kids could play in it, on the tables, etc).  We named all of the food something to do with a snowman:  pretzels (snowman arms), marshmallows (snowballs), carrots/candy corn (snowman noses), reeses on top of cookies (snowman hats), snowman faces (white donuts with candy corn noses and semi sweet morsals for the eyes and mouth), hershey's kisses (snowman kisses), white chocolate covered cookies decorated like snowman faces (snowman cookies).  Our party favor was "Snowman Soup" and the poem in the frame to go along with it (I re-wrote the poem : ), I covered our chairs in white fabric and cute out felt to look like a snowman and then tied a scarf around it.  We served all the other snacks out of snowman tins!  WE WENT SNOWMAN CRAZY AROUND HERE!  It was lots of fun and Ethan LOVED IT! 

Happy Birthday Ethan!  Mommy loves you!  (and so does Daddy and Preston : )