Thursday, April 28, 2011

I know I am a terrible blogger, but here is a re-cap from the past several months.....

Our sweet Ethan turned 1!  We had an awesome birthday party at our clubhouse, with a clown, cupcakes, and lots of kids!  It was so fun and he enjoyed it! 

 Next, Ethan had to have tubes put into his ears.....He has had so many ear infections (just like his big brother) that I lost count.  The tubes have helped, but he is still getting them, its just I can now treat them from home rather than taking him to the doctor all the time : )
 Ethan had pink eye and an ear infection, poor baby! He looks pitiful...
 Preston has been rockin' it at soccer!  He loves playing and is such a great player! 
We enjoy this as a family outing on Saturdays!
 Ethan just cheesin' for the camera!
 Preston is enjoying his dirtbike!  He is getting good too!
 Ethan likes to play soccer too!
 Preston sharing rocks with Ethan....
They are so sweet!

 Preston had surgery to have his tubes taken out!  He was fine with it all except when they told him to take off his pants and put on a gown : ).  The anesthesiologist went and got him some scrub pants!
 Ethan got his first "real" haircut.  We shaved his head a couple of times hoping it would grow in better. 
Look at his face, "You are going to do what to my hair?"
 We went to a carnival and introduced Ethan to cotton candy!  He loved it, but we only gave him
a little bit: )
 This was me, Ethan and Preston racing down the slide.  Tim was with us, but stuck behind the camera because of his shoulder.  Did I mention (don't have a pic of him in the hospital) that he had surgery on his shoulder?  So I am the only one that didn't have surgery in the last month, but I did have a broken hand, so that counts for something right?  : )  He was a trooper though!  I was proud of him.  After his surgery we went to lunch and to Lowes and then back home to look around the yard to see what more landscaping we needed to do (also did I mention that my rock star husband did an awesome job landscaping our yard too!  It was a big task but he did it and it looks awesome!  And he built a fence too!).  So our yard looks the best in our street, and I think in our neighborhood : ), but of course I am partial!
 I took Preston and Ethan to see the Easter Bunny, but Ethan wasn't having it!  He cried on his lap so this was the best I could do for a pictre, bunny ears!
 Of course we dyed easter eggs too!

 Preston and the Easter Bunny playing "paper, rock, sissors"!
 Ethan playing in the street with his car!
 Tim riding Preston's new bike with his shoulder in a sling : ).  Glad he didn't fall, he might have
broken his face!
 Lastly, the boys playing in the sprinkler and around the house in their bathing suits,
I love this weather!